For three of us, quarteting started in 2013, when Fawesome was formed with Peter, David, Barrington and Lee. All of us had had several years singing Barbershop with a 50 strong chorus called the Kingsmen, located in Kingsbridge. This quartet achieved a high standard of singing, being granted a merit at St Austell Festival, and entertained many people at various singouts, festivals and shows.

Regretfully for three of us, Lee obtained employment in Sheffield, and felt unable to join us when, in 2015, we auditioned for the Gareth Mallone chorus competition. Chris joined us in this endeavour, and we were pleased to achieve a camera audition and an hour’s interview with the producer. So we made the last 200, but failed to be picked for the final 20. Chris stayed with us for a year, changing his singing voice from lead to baritone. He did prefer to sing lead, and regretfully, in early 2016, decided to leave the quartet to sing lead elsewhere.

We were pleased to invite Bernhard, from the Pilgrimaires (now Ocean City Sound) to sing with us, and he joined us in April when we formed Modest Crew. Bernhard, a baritone,  has been a driving force with the Pilgrimaires for the past three years.

The present quartet entered it’s first festival in Paignton at the end of April 2016, and we were delighted to be awarded 2nd equal place out of 4 competing quartets with a commendation from the Adjudicator.

With continuing rehearsals, and many small singouts, we entered the Plymouth Festival in early November, where we again came 2nd with a score of 85 marks - Commended by the Adjudicator, which is assessed as “A convincing performance technically and artistically”.


We are now able to offer our services to perform at Birthdays, Parties, anniversaries and other singouts,and a some of our future events are listed on the “Sights and Sounds” page.

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